What is the feeling of a girl for the first time?

In fact, the issue of gender has always been a concern. However, due to the face problem, everyone is embarrassed to take this matter to the “desktop”. During the love period, women always like to ask men “How much you love me.” Men, most of them, want to know what the girl feels for the first time, and it hurts. For the first time, girls always look forward to and fear. Many people on the Internet say that the first time the hymen will break, the lower body will be particularly painful. So what is the feeling of a girl for the first time? What is the first time a girl read more

Sexual knowledge that both husband and wife should master

The so-called diet for men and women, people’s desire to save, as early as 2,000 years ago, Confucius pointed out that sex life and diet are the two basic things. Correct understanding of sex and understanding can help maintain family harmony and play an important role in preventing and treating male sexual dysfunction. Clinically, male sexual dysfunction mainly includes low libido, erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation and no ejaculation. The incidence of sexual dysfunction is high, such as the prevalence of premature ejaculation is 14% to 41%, and the prevalence of male ED read more

What should I do if I can’t forget him after breaking up?

do you know? I dreamt of you again last night. You are as handsome as you are in the past. You are facing me, sitting in the place where we often go to the cafe. I walked straight to that position, but I watched. When I arrived, I stopped there for a long time, then you turned to see me, you smiled at me, I took the courage to try to approach you, but I never walked to that position, watching you with a blind eye. Close at hand, but it is difficult to get close, and finally until you disappear. I woke up, blinked, dark, quiet, I emptied for a few seconds, and finally finally recognized the fact read more

A good way to quickly improve a man’s sexual ability

If a man does not have his own career, he may feel uncomfortable, but if he is not good at sex, he will probably stimulate his inferiority! Many men are not particularly satisfied with their sexual ability, so they will think of various ways to improve their sexual ability. This is not only for themselves, but also for their own women. Most men have tried a lot of methods. However, they have not achieved very significant results. In fact, there are many better ways for men to improve their sexual ability. Recently, a report published in the British magazine “Healthy Living” pointed read more

Solid color sheets make men’s affairs more unrestrained

According to a survey published by The Register magazine in the United States, the most sexy colors for men and women are: orange, dark blue, purple, black, yellow, green, brown, and gray. Many people think that red is the most enthusiastic and unrestrained, and should be the first choice for sex. However, psychologists say that because the red is too clear and lacks the feeling of sex, it is easy to stimulate the brain and make people in a state of incitement. Therefore, in the process of sex, if you use red to “go straight to the theme,” There is a little less sentiment. In contrast, read more

The most exciting moment for a man to be out of control

In life, there are always girls complaining online, saying that their boyfriend is “incompetent”. In the face of sex, there is no active awareness, which makes them quite sad; in fact, this is a very common kind in Xiaobian. Phenomenon, after all, it is difficult for men to have extra passion under the weight of their work. However, sexual life still needs to continue, and the following five prelude techniques can help the ladies to inspire their boyfriends. 1, appropriate naked some women’s key parts exposed too much, will be mistaken for “exposed mad”, not serious. read more

a sexual atmosphere that makes men unable to calm down

Sex is a magical thing. For men, sometimes they only need to look at a woman’s chest or kiss to trigger a “conversion” of sexual desire. In recent years, American sexologists have chosen some strange factors that can cause male sexual desire, called “men’s natural aphrodisiac.” 1. Slim symmetrical arms. Researchers at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, asked male volunteers to watch videos about women. Men always list women with thin arms as the most attractive and sexually stimulating, while women with thin legs are not. Researchers believe read more

How to ease the embarrassing atmosphere when dating

In the first date of men and women, the most embarrassing thing is that I don’t know what to say. In dating, speaking is also skillful. It is very important to leave a good first impression on the other party. What topics can you say in order to spark each other? Let’s talk about what the other brothers and sisters meet for the first time. Talk about your parents, it’s a bit wrong, in case her parents are separated or divorced, it will cause Her unhappiness. The usual topic is to talk about brothers and sisters. Talking about brothers and sisters, you can deepen your understanding and read more

The mana that is most likely to lead to breakups!

Can everyone’s love last for a long time? In fact, couples who are not easy to love for a long time have some common mantras, and we should take it as a warning. A website in Japan summed up the words that women often say to their boyfriends in “short-lived couples”. Let’s take a look. I must marry me. “Beginning to have a relationship, I haven’t loved each other. If I am glued, I will start to say that I am absolutely married to me. I think this will soon end a relationship. Especially many of the student couples just like each other, but no I want to talk about read more

What do people care most about when they are in the same room?

Compared with women, men are not too picky about sex. But there are some details that you must pay attention to first. For example: What kind of behavior can make him a climax for you? If you master the initiative in sex, what will change? Some details are often ignored by women, and It is precisely the core focus that makes men crazy for you. What do men care about most in bed? The three reasons are the points that you can’t ignore. First: I hope she also has a sense of humor. On this issue, men are divided into two factions. One group thinks it is very important, and one faction completely read more